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What are In-office X-rays?

In-office X-rays are diagnostic imaging tools that are available directly within your foot and ankle specialist's practice. They use a small amount of radiation to capture images of the internal structure of the feet and ankles, providing critical information about bones, joints, and soft tissues.

When are In-office X-rays used?

These X-rays are utilized when a patient presents with symptoms such as pain, swelling, or deformity in the foot and ankle region. They are also used to monitor the progress of a previously diagnosed condition or to evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing treatment.

How are In-office X-rays performed?

The process is straightforward and quick. Patients are positioned so that the area of interest is placed between the X-ray machine and the film or digital recording plate. The technician then captures the necessary images, which are available for immediate review by the podiatrist.

What are the Benefits of In-office X-rays?

The primary benefits include convenience, speed, and accuracy. Patients do not need to schedule separate appointments at imaging centers, which saves time and reduces hassle. Immediate access to images allows for rapid diagnosis and treatment planning. Moreover, having X-ray capabilities on-site ensures that images are taken in the context of the patient's specific complaint, leading to more precise assessments.

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